Worship Central
欧美 , 乐团乐队

WorshipCentral是国际启发(Alpha International)旗下的敬拜学院,异象是要让人与神相遇、装备敬拜者和建立教会。
Worship Central is a London-based training center for religious leaders,
with an emphasis on increasing the number of worship services across England.
Given the number of musicians who head up the organization — including Tim Hughes, Ben Cantelon, Al Gordon, and Nikki Fletcher —
Worship Central also doubles as a popular worship band, with all of the members sharing songwriting and singing duties.
The group released a compilation album, Lifting High, in 2009, but it was 2011's Spirit Break Out that helped put Worship Central on the mainstream map.
Filled with a mix of contemporary pop and anthemic rock, Spirit Break Out reached the U.K. Top 75, the first album by any Christian worship band to chart that high.
Meanwhile, the band continued recording and releasing new music, including a Mandarin album featuring worship leaders from throughout Asia.
Worship Central's profile rose significantly after the chart success of Spirit Break Out, and in 2013 their live album Let It Be Known also made it into the U.K. Top 75.

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