Amante Lacey & The Life Worship Band
欧美 , 男歌手

黑人福音歌手Amante Lacey与The Life Worship乐队带来具有洗涤灵魂力量的专辑《The Scale Of Worship》。你可以感受到一种来自内心的宁静和上帝与你同在的氛围,它将你引入到一种神圣的、难以言喻的崇拜历程。

His heart, mind, and soul seek to worship the true and living God who is the Prince of Peace, the Mighty God, from Everlasting to Everlasting who reigns in the midst of us forever…

The Call to Worship 

Music has always been his passion and apart of his life. His mother who is a national gospel recording artist raised him in the industry and in the church. At a very young age, God required a greater level of sacrifice, devotion, and dedication from Amante’. It was then that he realized his calling was peculiar and his path would be different. 

Like many artists Amante’ grew up singing in the church and in the school choir. He eventually sang background for gospel artists and groups. After serving faithfully God saw fit to bring him to the forefront. He began to not only sing under a greater anointing, but to write and play. Fresh lyrics and sounds were released into the corporate worship experience that brought healing and life to all who were there. His adamant love and passion for Christ would soon unite him with believers of other races, denominations, and ages and together they would sing “The Song of the Lord.” 

The Experience 

Amante’ has been blessed to travel the Midwest extensively leading praise and worship, and to Bishop Noel Jones church in California and Bishop Michael Rogers’s church in Virginia. He recently ministered overseas in Maui, Hawaii at the Lords Team Ministries -Pastors Rocky and Bobbie LaRacco. A notable event took place in 2004 when he sang live for the campaign rally of USA Presidential candidate John Kerry. The event yielded over 18,000 viewers and was aired live on CNN. 

Amante’ resides in Springfield, Ohio with wife, Scharita they are members of the Greater Grace Temple Church where he serves as the Chief Psalmist of Praise & Worship Ministry. Amante’ Lacey & The Life Worship Band will release their first album “The Scale of Worship” this Spring 2006. Amante’ frequently travels to other churches leading praise & worship service. He also conducts workshops, seminars, and vocal training for praise & worship leaders, minstrels, praise teams and choirs. 

“Ministering Life and Healing through Worship in Song.”

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