Homecoming Picnic
表演者 Bill & Gloria Gaither 专辑人气
专辑语言 英语 专辑类别 现场Live
专辑风格 古典 发行时间 2008-02-05
Bill & Gloria Gaither

This unique Homecoming family reunion offers you a special seat at the picnic table with your favorite gospel artists and their families. Homecoming Picnic features all the elements of the perfect picnic, complete with warm conversation at the dinner table, fun and games, and lots of great singing around the campfire.

    1 Without The Lord
    2 What A Day That Will Be
    3 This Great Caravan Keeps On Rolling
    4 The Sweetest Song I Know
    5 Sweet Forgiveness
    6 Sky Full Of Angels
    7 Sally Goodin
    8 Psalms Of Victory
    9 Mama's Teaching Angels How To Sing
    10 I'm Living In Canaan Now
    11 I'm A Soldier
    12 I Was There When It Happened
    13 I Heard It First On The Radio
    14 He Pilots My Ship
    15 Gentle Shepherd
    16 Farther Along
    17 Eastern Gate
    18 Did You Ever Go Sailin'
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